Image credit: Robert Norman

Well folks the "Beyond Hotham Experience" is on again and it's the biggest program we have ever lined up! Yes that's right, more destinations - broadening the already massive track base and now we have added even more to the list! With lots of extra terrain covered with new day trips, overnight trips and other exciting trips on offer in 2014. Some of these tracks on the program have never been on the radar for the Beyond Hotham team, but as always we're trying to give everyone the opportunity to see and do as much as one can possibly fit in 10 days of driving in and around this unique and picturesque Victorian High Country.

The bushfires in 2013 effected well over 15,000 hectares in the surrounding area of Mount Hotham, the whole area that we take for granted as just being there and staying the same, has had a total transformation now after three major fires 2003, 2009, 2013 and various smaller ones. And we all know what fires can do to a landscape - and it has in this area, it has taken on a very different look in places that previous fires never touched. From the scrubby small under-growth to the massive stands of snow gums and the eerie sight of thousands upon thousands of very straight mature mountain ash on those distant ridges left standing out like big white posts all lined up along the side of a road, new tracks created and old ones smoothed out and brushed up, re-shaped. A lot has changed in this stunning environment in the last 10 months. But it is not all bad news especially for the 4WD enthusiasts and those that are into their photography or those just admiring what the effect the fires have had.( You Can See Things That You Couldn't See Before )

For those of you that have ventured out with the Beyond Hotham team in previous years and others of you that have done it on your own… it's amazing what has been revealed, seeing different aspects of those narrow tracks, the views and the lack of undergrowth have become.

Over the last eight months lots of works have been in progress by Parks Vic, DEPI and other organizations to make the high country accessible from replacing bridges to road works and safe removal of fire affected trees, and track openings the priority.

So if you think you should go and have a look and see what the high country has to offer or some of the many changes ....... then let the Beyond Hotham Team encourage you to do so.....ask anyone that has been before, they loved it and just continue to return year after year for more of what this program has to offer.

WHY ....

We just love to show off this part of the spectacular Victorian High Country in all its glory and feel that it is an off road 4WD adventure of a lifetime with the bigger program and all of the new trips the 2014 event will be very special to a lot of you that were registered in 2013's event so come and see for yourself what others have been talking about.

Last year's cancelled event bookings were the highest we have received and coming into our seventh annual event - so this year see if we can top that mark again. Don't hesitate - get those registrations filled out and join the many that have already booked. We're looking forward to reuniting with our past participants and also welcoming our new friends into our Beyond Hotham family.

Gavin Moody and The Beyond Hotham Team.