Beyond Hotham - The Program


Beyond Hotham features a comprehensive range of day, overnight and village based activities. The Beyond Hotham Standard rate covers all trips and workshops, activities during the 10 day program.

All trips are graded for dry weather conditions however please note the grading can change depending on the weather.

A drivers briefing will be held by your designated trip leader prior to all day and overnight trips at 8:00am (unless otherwise stated in program) at the Transit Lounge, Resort Management Board office. Trips are to arrive back in the village by 4:30-5.00pm.

The 2014 Event Schedule is our proposed 10 day program and all trips will be dependent on weather conditions and monitored on a daily basis and will be at Trip-Leaders discretion. Email or phone 03 5759 3550 to enquire regarding the event or if not certain of any other details.

We will be more than happy to answer your questions.